Who We Are

We are Dreamers, Inventors, Architects and Creators

Not just your everyday typical events company, we at DnK Events are dreamers, inventors, architects and creators. Events are our obsession! In everything events we make strides, and dive in headfirst. With us your event cannot fail.

  • No matter the challenge set before us - we have a plan.
  • No matter how big or small your event is  - we have ideas.
  • No matter how extravagant or simple - we have the resources.
  • No matter the budget - we have a solution.

What your dream is, we will build it together. Have faith in us, your partner, and we will always come through for you.

What We Are

Core Values

Commitment to Customer Service

Customers are the heart and soul of our business. If you are not happy with the services provided, neither are we. We commit to do what it takes to make your dream event come true.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty is the key to open communication, that which is important for the growth of us and achieving the dreams we will fulfill for you.


Suggestions, comments and growth are the essence of our business. With open-mindedness, we take feedback and grow to better serve you, our partners.

Building Relationships

Building relationships and networking is our specialty. Don't worry about a thing. If you want it, we have it covered and will seek to fulfill every need you may have.


No event is made without the creativity of our visionary team. Be it your vision or ours, you can be assured that every event will be met with a unique approach and design.

Attention to Details

Nothing gets past us. Our keen-eyed team plans every aspect of your event down to the last detail, be it catering or table arrangements.

What We Do

We Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Dreaming is nothing without action. Every thing we do at DnK Events is geared towards turning what you dream into reality. Times flies, seconds, minutes, hours - and escapes like sand into the hourglass. Don't let your dream event pass you by. Simply partner with us and leave your dream event in our very capable hands. With our powerful network of partners, nothing is beyond our grasp.